Draft Concept Report Available

The Draft Concept Report has been submitted to MOA Planning.  An informational review by the Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled for November 2nd, 2015.

MOA 27th Ave Draft Concept Report

Following the MOA’s adopted Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Policy for Transportation Projects, the Concept Report documents the planning phase and understanding of the problems to be solved.  It also summarizes all public outreach activities during the planning and problem identification phase and provides conceptual solutions to those identified problems.

The full report including appendices is available on the Documents page.


One hallmark of a community’s livability is its ability to create an inclusive transportation network that serves users of all abilities and socio-economic status.  The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) is committed to livability through adopted plans, policies, capital project prioritization and traffic laws that provide a safe, comfortable and inviting environment for the diverse non-motorized population.  Looking to the future, the MOA will continue to improve its inclusive transportation network by implementing recommendations from the 2007 Anchorage Pedestrian Plan and the 2010 Anchorage Bicycle Plan.

The West 27th Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements project is a recommended Bicycle Boulevard in the Anchorage Bicycle Plan.  This project will work to identify the most appropriate non-motorized traffic solutions and design and construct a safe, accessible public space for all users.

Beginning at Minnesota Drive, the project spans three-quarters of a mile, crossing over busy Spenard Road and Arctic Boulevard before ending at Blueberry Road.  You can view the 27th Ave Bike Blvd. Fact Sheet here.